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There are two ways of installing the module. The first involves putting the dll into the bin directory of an ASP.NET application. The second is to install it to the global assembly cache (GAC), this is what the installers do. What is the difference, you might ask. If it is installed into a ASP.NET application it is only available for that application. If it however is installed into GAC, it is available for any application on the server.

After it has been installed it simply need to be activated in a web.config, the web.config should look similar to this:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
       <add name="TextWrapperModule" type="Celestus.Iis.Module.TextWrapperModule" />

The module should now be activated and all text files will be word wrapped.

There are two optional settings for the module, both can be accessed via GET variables. The first is l which can be used control the number of allowed characters per line. It defaults to 80 if no value is specified or if the specified value is not a valid 32-bit integer. The second is e which if given the value f will disable word wrap, any other value will be ignored.

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